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Come experience legendary fishing on Lake Ontario and it's tributary waters, including the famed Salmon River in Pulaski, NY with Captain Zack Rayno.

Mid-Winter Update

Hey Everybody!

It's been a while so I decided to throw together a winter update.

The Fall and first portion of winter have proven to be great fishing.  The trend has continued and the number of steelhead in the river system is impressive.  

We've been experiencing a true winter this season, as the past few have been fairly mild.  That being said, it looks as though we have some nice stretches of fair weather in the forecast...sounds fishy to me.

I had discussed winter fishing with a whole bunch of you guys and it looks like February is the month to do it.  I assume we will see another push of fresh fish throughout the next month and have plenty of new contestants.  I am excited!  If you want to get in on it, get in touch and we will find a date that works best for you.  As of now all of my Saturdays are booked.

And while we're on the subject of warmer weather...don't forget what is peaking it's head around the corner!

Photo Aug 09, 10 09 09 PM.jpg

Along with T-shirt weather steelheading in April, the Dixie Dandy is chomping at the bit to let her 460's purr and collect some of Lake Ontario's bounty.  Don't wait to book those dates! (T-shirt weather is not guaranteed)

See ya out there!