Rayno's Fishing Excursions

Come experience legendary fishing on Lake Ontario and it's tributary waters, including the famed Salmon River in Pulaski, NY with Captain Zack Rayno.

Lake Ontario's Steelhead and Brown Trout Fishing

Every year during the fall months, these majestic trout begin their migration upstream Lake Ontario's tributary streams.   Brown Trout begin their spawn during these fall months, while the steelhead harbor in the rivers until spring, when their spawn begins.  During this time, both species feed aggressively. 

Come enjoy a day on the water targeting these trophy trout and let us accommodate to your desired method of fishing. Whether this is wading the riverbanks or riding in our drift boat we can show you how to effectively use a fly rod, spinning rod or centerpin in the pursuit of these magnificent fish!

Steelhead Fishing

Drift Boat or Wade Trips

October- May

Of all the sport-fishing there is to be had in the world, it is hard to beat the steelhead.  Between their incredible acrobatic jumping and furious runs, there is never a dull moment when you've hooked up!  

Come chase these "silver bullets" while in the drift boat or wading. We specialize in many different methods including float (spin) fishing, fly fishing and back-trolling lures.

Brown Trout Fishing

Drift Boat or Wade Trips

October - May

During the fall and winter months we target these trophy sized brown trout in tributary streams through float (spin) fishing or fly fishing. As they feed heavily on the drifting salmon eggs, we take advantage of their aggressive eating.

As spring sets upon us, we begin fishing for these beautiful trout along Lake Ontario's shoreline through trolling as the browns swim in search of an easy meal.