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Come experience legendary fishing on Lake Ontario and it's tributary waters, including the famed Salmon River in Pulaski, NY with Captain Zack Rayno.

December 2018 Update

Yep, it’s December already and I haven’t written an update! This fall was a busy one, but that’s always the goal, isn’t it?

Salmon season was as successful a fishing endeavor as I had hoped judging from the outstanding trolling on the lake over the summer. The evening gig panned out nicely, as we found aggressive Kings throughout the southeastern basin of Lake Ontario. As usual, trolling or casting lures did our damage on bitey Salmon.

As far as next year goes, I have a pretty positive outlook. Judging by how mild our winter has been to this point (I’ll regret saying that), I have high hopes that our prey and predator populations will do well.

September and October 2019 are filling in. If you plan on hitting the water for Salmon, I would choose some dates now!

Steelhead fishing this season has turned out to be excellent. If you follow the Facebook page you will notice my commentary on the quality of fish this year, and I’ll reiterate that now!

This November we experienced higher water flows, which didn’t hurt our fishing by any means. On the contrary, this saved a lot of fish from the warm and low water fate of a long leader, small fly and yellow rope through it’s gills. Sorry snaggers!

Coming into December, we are still experiencing a river flow above the minimum, which rocks. In staying out of the upper river, we’ve been able to avoid a lot of the crowd. I’m sure they’re all great people, but I prefer an empty riverbank.

All of this has me especially excited for the coming months of steelheading. I am curious just how big we will see this year, I think a mongo will be caught. In our lower-river adventures I see plenty of silver fish making their way in the system, I’m sure plenty more are to come.

If you’re feeling the urge to chase some winter fishes, I have days available after the New Year. As per the usual, we can find a few days and pick the one with the best forecast.

Looking ahead to April, I am excited to see just how many fish end up in the river system. I get the feeling our spring fishing should be eventful.

My availability is as follows:

April 2019:


After that, the big boat comes out of it’s winter nap…which brings me to my next trick!


Beginning in the Spring of 2019 I will be fishing on board Hat Trick Charters with Captain Jim Staves. This is a 28’ Baha Cruiser located in the same marina I have always fished out of in Oswego, NY. I am very excited to be on Hat Trick, Jim is a great fisherman, a great guy and a name synonymous with trolling Lake Ontario. Check out his website by clicking here to get a little more information on the operation.

If you are thinking about coming up to troll the big lake, get a hold of me soon. Sport Show season is upon us and dates will fill quickly. As I explained above, I am already excited to see what is in store for 2019 with how mild the winter has been to this point.

Photo Feb 01, 10 09 09 AM.jpg

As always, I’d like to give a sincere thank you to everybody who spent some time on the water with me this fall, it was fun as always. I hope you all have a great holiday and I hear from you soon.

See ya out there.