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Come experience legendary fishing on Lake Ontario and it's tributary waters, including the famed Salmon River in Pulaski, NY with Captain Zack Rayno.

Fall 2017 Update

Well, as usual, fall has moved at light speed!

As expected, the trolling on Lake Ontario finished out excellent.  Most days were good to great fishing, as high numbers of salmon remained just outside the harbor in Oswego, NY.

With the entire trolling season on Lake Ontario staying consistently good since May, one would think the river fishing would continue the trend.

Then Mother Nature interjected!  

After a summer with all the precipitation we needed and then some, fall delivered far less.  Couple that with unseasonably high temperatures and do you know what you get?

A snagging paradise!

With that being said, we made it happen this year in the drift boat.  Albeit, this required plenty of travelling, a flexible playbook of fishing techniques and a bit of persistence...we found biters!  As always, lots of laughs and fun were had while we hauled kings into the boat. 

As I described, the number of salmon in the river system weren't the issue.  There are plenty!  So, what does that mean?  Plenty of trout food!

Check out this hog Matt and his father Herb found a few years ago in November.

Check out this hog Matt and his father Herb found a few years ago in November.

There are already numbers of trout starting to trickle into the tributary waters of Lake Ontario and this is very encouraging.  I am very much looking forward to this coming November and the fun that it brings. 

Soon the goons will tote away the last of their spawning, zombie kings and we will have the river back!

So, with that being said, here are my available days for the rest of 2017



Don't miss out on this season!  Can't catch them from the keyboard!

See ya out there.