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Come experience legendary fishing on Lake Ontario and it's tributary waters, including the famed Salmon River in Pulaski, NY with Captain Zack Rayno.

Spring ‘18 Update — Steelhead Wrap Up, Trolling Begins!

Here we are, smack dab in the middle of spring and boy did it come fast.

As expected, steelhead fishing remained incredible. It is no short of spoiling, that’s for sure.  Although we had to endure some funky conditions here and there, I doubt anybody will forget the 2017-18 steelhead season any time soon.

There’s most certainly indication that next season will be a strong run as well, plenty of younger fish around.  It’s also encouraging to see a spring with ample amounts of water in the tributaries, I would assume our natural reproduction will be strong from this spring.  

As attention is turned to fishing out on the big lake, there is strong indication for another stellar season.  Many of you have heard me rant and rave about how incredible 2017’s trolling was.  Well, if I were to guess, 2018 will not be much different.  The brown trout fishing is as strong and consistent as I’ve ever seen.  

We’re also experiencing another spring where targetting kings is not uncommon.  Plenty of healthy silver bullets are swimming around just outside our harbor in Oswego and it’s only May.  Not only does Oswego have awesome fishing right now, but so does much of the Southern shoreline of Lake Ontario.  I think we are simply staring another strong class of fish in the eye, I am very excited.

With that being said, The Dixie Dandy has plenty of awesome dates left to book.  Whether you’re after a mongo Brown Trout or you’d like to take your shot at the mighty King Salmon (or maybe a nice combination of both) this is the season to do it.  

So, to condense everything written above, the fishing was silly good this past year in the Salmon River and now the trolling on Lake Ontario is silly good as well.  If you aren’t taking advantage of how truly excellent we have it right now, you’re foolish.  You can’t catch them from the keyboard!

If you want to hop on board The Dixie Dandy with me, reach out via phone (518-222-3027), email (Zrayno@gmail.com) or contact page on this website.  See ya out there!